Friday 9 February 2018

February Inspiration

We've just finished the first half term of 2018. These few weeks seem to have flown by with our home education dominated by a First World War project.

This post starts with a couple of lists.

Elsie at Farmhouse Schoolhouse has a post about the books that have shaped her homeschool. I haven't read many of these but have been busy adding them to my wish list.

A rather different list is of top UK money blogs. I haven't looked at all of these yet but for home educators on single incomes (most of us!) there are certainly some with helpful ideas, as well as some rather crazy ones. 

I have never been certain about the idea of taking time off education to establish discipline. Surely, working consistently imposes its own discipline? Dawn has written a post about the benefits of consistent home education.

At the home education group, my book group has been reading Linda Sue Park's book, A long walk to water, which has led to discussion about water supply and drought. Se7en posted about the reality of living in Cape Town in a serious water shortage-it goes a bit beyond watering the plants with the water left in the water jug!

Finally, a bit of fun. Antipodesmap is a website where it is possible to enter your location and find out what is on the opposite side of the world. It also gives a list of opposite cities.

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