I am a wife and mother of five. The three younger children are home educated. I have written about why we made this decision. Three generations of us live in this household and I do spend some time caring for our older relation. Prior to becoming a full-time, professional wife and mother, I worked as a physician.

When I had a regular professional job there were plenty of opportunities for professional development. Some of these were major national and international meetings but others were regular local meetings or brain storming with colleagues. Whilst I am very happy with my role as a wife and mother, this is something that I miss.

The internet provides a forum to share ideas that I have found useful and most of all, to learn from others.

This blog covers my roles as a wife, mother, home educator and carer. Most importantly, I am a Christian and some of my posts are about poetry, books or sermons that I have found helpful.

Please use your common sense when reading this-I am often wrong although I try to check my facts.  I am certainly not a theologian and believe that it would never be my role to aspire to this, so please check by the Bible-take the useful and discard the rest.