Tuesday 21 September 2010

Thoughts on second hand sales

A few random thoughts and a list of best pickings!

Nearly new sales are second hand sales with pretentions. The goods are just the same.

A useful piece of advice that was given to me, is to go for the most expensive or rare item on your hopeful list first.

It goes without saying that it is best to be at the front of the queue-this is an admonition to myself-not good at getting to places early on Saturday mornings. Don't think that because a sale is in an expensive area or at a private school no one else will want to attend-this isn't true. It is amazing who you meet at second hand sales!

Don't buy trash-just because it is second hand doesn't mean something should be frayed or stained.Check zips.

It isn't worth buying more than is needed although it might be worth buying quality children's clothing in a larger size.

Some places only accept cash and in fairly small denominations-up to £5 notes are usually acceptable. I've not had any problems with having £10 accepted when paying over £10.

Just because something is sold second hand doesn't mean it is cheaper than something new. I've seem books and strollers sold for more than the new price.

Best pickings
-children's books
-baby sleeping bags-check the zip first!
-cookery books
-children's clothes especially coats and dresses

What are your second hand sale tips?


  1. Sarah, I love buying second hand goods. A lot of the boys clothes have been bought in charity shops, as have mine and Mike's. It saves so much money compared to buying new.

    Car boot sales are also a good place to pick up some bargains. We have a stall at one near Leah and Oliver's house once or twice a year and I often have a look around at the other tables.

  2. I go to charity shops whenever I have a little extra cash. I mostly buy books, games, and educational toys for the kids to use in homeschool. I also find all sorts of things to use in my Tot School activities. It's like going to yard/garage sales in the US, and I often find things in excellent condition for FAR less cost than if I purchased it new. We have found some clothes at charity shops before, but due to the limited cash I usually have with me, I focus on looking for the type of items I already mentioned. Often I don't even look at the clothes, though I'm not opposed to getting them second-hand.