Thursday 13 January 2011

Gratitude and the suffering church

The message ,the work of God in Iran, by Pooyan Mehrshahi is worth a listen, partly because it encourages prayer for the suffering church in Iran but also because it encourages gratitude for our privileges. I've been thinking about various challenges from this message today.

I needed this-I heard it on a bad day. You probably all know the sort of thing, nothing had gone right, but hearing of the persecutions of those dear believers puts it all into perspective and as for the final exhortation to gratitude, well, I needed to think again about my minor discomforts.

There is so much to pray about in this message-the believers with their two fold difficulties, the translation work, the literature work and the radio work are just for starters.


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  2. Thank you, Jonathan. Link now corrected.