Saturday 17 December 2011

Reading and motherhood

So far, this year, I have read innumerable picture books to my little children, some read alouds to Middle Son, and increasingly to Miss Belle, and  a few books for my personal reading.. I'm not particularly proud of the number in the personal reading group-it isn't enormous and most of the books are fairly light.

I'm not counting Bible reading which I count essential. The M'Cheyne Bible reading plan is excellent.

What were those other books? Well they were on

  • mothering 
  • home education
  • the Authorised version of the Bible
  • biographies 
  • novels
The high points of the reading year-

  • Seeing the invisible by Faith Cook. A collection of biographies of less well known Christians-an easy read and a bit of a tear jerker. An easy read. I managed much of it while waiting with Grandma at appointments.
  • Loving the little years by Rachel Jankovic. Thanks to my friend Rachel, not Jankovic, for giving this to me. This gets into what it is really like to be the mother of littlies and how God teaches us so much through this.
  • George Knightley, Esquire, Book One by Barbara Cornthwaite-OK a novel. Emma from Mr Knightley's point of view. Can't wait to get book two.
The low point of the reading year was not keeping up with the Ossett Christian Bookshop reading club. The problem was very practical, I set aside time on Sunday afternoon to read. A quiet time with Mr Exuberance having his nap and no one else to watch but virtually as soon as I came up with this plan, Mr Exuberance dropped his nap. Such a shame as the books are excellent but do need dedicated time and not post-midnight time.

So when do I read? Same as for most mothers:

  • after midnight
  • in waiting rooms-having an older relative with several appointments living with us has been good for reading
  • a few minutes between finishing home education for the day and doing the next thing
  • on rare train journeys
  • holidays
Now is the time to plan for next year. What could improve? Well loads but practically, maybe an aim to get through a few more books perhaps 24-two a month. The bit that troubles me is mainly reading light books but then there are only certain books that can be read at gone midnight. So, I'm looking for books that are easy to read and not too long but challenging, probably, mainly in the areas of
  • Christian living
  • biography
  • home education or education in general
  • doctrine-bit light on doctrinal reading
Lets be honest, I'm going to read a novel or two but they don't need planning, I'll find them! The first book planned is a novel, though, a reread of Pilgrim's Progress.

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