Monday 20 May 2013

Night of the Moonjellies

Night of the Moonjellies by Mark Shasha was a book that I had been saving until after we had had a seaside trip. The week after the trip, the book came out.
This book is one of the books covered in the first manual of Five in a Row. It tells the true story of a boy who found a moonjelly on his way to work, in the family seaside hotdog stand. 

There is so much that could be covered in this book. We only dipped our toes into the ocean.

We talked about the contrast between the noise in the hotdog stand in the day and evening and the quiet on the boat at night.

The book is full of food. We tried to remember as many items as possible without referring back. 

Books have authors and this tale is autobiographical. We visited Mark Shasha's site.

There are so many books about the sea. We used a changing selection. Here are some that we used. As always, the Lighthouse Keeper series by David and Ronda Armitage were favourites. Not pictured but recently discovered is the Little Tim series by Edward Ardizzone.

Using salt and yellow dye, I made some "sand" which along with various sea related toys, kept both Younger Daughter and Youngest Son happy telling their own sea stories. They were very keen to add water; mean Mummy thought this wasn't such a good idea.

We read Shapes on the seashore by Frances Ridley and Ali Teo.

There were plenty of pebbles, from our recent trip, this  activity about number pebbles fitted in well.

It was fun to watch a video about moonjellies as well as visit our local aquarium.

This book called out for sea pictures.
 Youngest son wanted to use pirate stickers on a sandpaper sand.

Both children painted pebbles which we had brought back from our trip. This, again, belonged to Youngest Son. 

This book has very few pages without a mention of food. There was a popcorn machine at the stool and so Middle Son made some rather tasty popcorn.

As with most Five in a Row books, there always seems to be so much more that we could have done from this book. 
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  1. We read Night of the MoonJellies this past school year. Such a great book! I enjoyed your activities - especially the painted rocks! :)