Monday 11 November 2013


Today was the 95th anniversary of Armistice Day-a time for remembering and for learning about events for those too young to remember what it is all about.

Younger Daughter, aged 7, knew a fair amount from previous years but I wasn't sure how much her younger brother,aged 4, knew. They had both had poppies and we had talked about this. In church, yesterday, they had heard Psalm 90 and sang O God our help in ages past.

Today, we read Psalm 90 again and started to learn verse 12.
Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

We plan to use a couple of picture books about the Second World War and an easy chapter book, over this week. These are Hanna's Cold Winter by Trish Max. This is about keeping the hippos alive in Budapest zoo while the Nazis and Soviets were on opposite sides of the River Danube-quite an amazing story and apparently true. The second book is All those secrets of the world, by Jane Yolen, which tells the story of a little American girl whose father went off to fight. The last book is an easy chapter book called War Child by Maurine Murchison.  This is a Christian book about a child in Scotland during the Second World War. 

We also dipped into the Woodlands Resources site for some poetry and for discussion about poppies. I wasn't sure that they had heard the Last Post before but when we listened, they both thought that they had heard it before.

Living in London, it is always easy to find evidence of Second World War so we visited a local place where a bomb had fallen and a war memorial. 

Of course, there was some painting.
Younger Daughter drew little poppies on each piece of work today.

I hope they remember to be grateful for those who fought  for our current freedoms.

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