Friday 3 January 2014

January inspiration

Happy New Year! I've been meaning to post for the last three days but life has been busy!

First, I was amazed and delighted when Sherry at Semicolon blog produced a personalised recommended reading list for me. Do pop over to her blog for so many reading lists. One of mine was a link to favourite read-alouds.

Debbie's blog, Our cup of Tea, is my go-to resource when working on country studies. She has started posting some more including Egypt, Iraq, Ghana and Israel.

I like to do hands-on maths with my younger children and the tools we use most often are Duplo blocks so I was delighted to see this post, from Frugal Fun for Boys, about using Legos to understand multiplication. This is definitely on our "to do" list.

On a sadder note, Se7en posted a thoughtful post about how to help someone who has lost a baby during pregnancy.

Last, a post which has been helpful for me recently is Amy's tutorial about Creating a fabulous Pinterest-Perfect Image using Picmonkey. I've still got loads to learn and need to go through this again but it is definitely a useful resource.

By the way, do pop over to my Pinterest boards. The Home Science, Five in a Row and Books boards are among my favourites.


  1. So cool that Sherri did that! I'm going to read her recommendations for you; I'll probably like her suggestions for you, too.

    Do you really have flowers blooming already? We're covered with deep snow here!

    1. Yes, I'm sure you will enjoy the recommendations.
      No, the flower picture was to remind me that Spring is coming. We don't have that many flowers yet although the hyacinths inside should be out in a day or two.