Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September Inspiration

We have now started back into our home education routine. Having a not back to school week away was fun though and even educational.

This article is about a family who are taking a year off to explore the UK. The children are going to have a year of road schooling. I don't think that we are ever likely to do this and at £20000 for the year with no income coming in, it isn't cheap! The family have a website, Do Try this at Home, with a blog and outside ideas including frugal meals for eating outside. 

I'm not a great speller. I still remember getting the lowest mark in the spelling test that my English teacher in form III(2) sprung on us with no warning. Sadly, some of my children have inherited my spelling ability so I was interested to see a post on spelling tests by This Reading Mama. In addition, to explaining why she doesn't give spelling tests, there is a really helpful section on teaching spelling.

In the midst of the First World War commemorations, I wanted to read some poetry to the children and came across a poem of Raymond Briggs called Aunties. I heard it read by Michael Morpurgo but it is written in this preview of a book that I haven't read. This poem is definitely worth reading and something that I have shared with my children. I still remember my parents' unmarried aunts, with affection; they would have been similar age to Raymond Brigg's aunties.

Over the next few weeks,planned posts include First World War educational resources and reading aloud plus reviews of Middlebury Interactive Languages and The Great History of Britain.

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