Tuesday, 3 March 2015

March Inspiration

Winter is ending! Welcome to March.

Our children were born over 15 years and the younger children aren't having quite the same upbringing as the older ones. Our younger children are home educated with a Mum who doesn't work; an older relative who lives with us and without a nanny and cleaner. This is very different from the life of our older children at the same age. Jess Connell has written about What if the littles grow up different from the big kids because yes, they won't be the same.

Middle Son is studying To Kill a Mockingbird for his English literature so I was fascinated to read this article about a new novel from Harper Lee.

My youngest is a busy little boy and needs his work presented very differently from his sister to keep up interest. I found this article about how to teach boys effectively interesting and certainly, the first two points seem to improve engagement.

The All about Spelling blog has produced an article with different spelling strategies. The mnemonic strategy is something that one of our children used extensively and successfully. It seemed easier to remember a complex mnemonic than a spelling. The article does caution against overuse of this approach!

Being a sneaky home educator, I'm always trying to bring in covert learning. The Unlikely Homeschool has 50 ways to sneak in learning and several of these are new to me. I'm sure that there are many, many more!

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