Monday 4 May 2015

May Inspiration

May is almost the start of the summer. For most UK home educators and certainly for people with children in school, there is still a couple of months plus to the summer break but US homeschoolers start to tantalise us by talking about the start of their summer break-now! Anyway, since I'm in England there are no summer lists in May.

Still, I've found some helpful reading. Home Education Novice has written a post about applying the Bible to discipline and behaviour.  

We've been talking to our children about the earthquake in Nepal and its effects on the people as well as reading letters from Christian believers who have been affected. It was fascinating to find a website which documents all earthquakes above 2.5 on Richter scale. In the education section, there is an explanation of the logarithmic nature of this scale. 

Allied to this, is a look at the structure of the Earth and how to make a simple model of the Earth's layers, from Lisa at An Ordinary Life.

This link isn't new but is a helpful look at the early signs of dyslexia covering some of the positives as well as the more challenging features. Yes, it is possible for a child who struggles to read to love books. I had always assumed that teacher know all about dyslexia but the writer, a teacher, seems to not have been especially knowledgeable about the subject prior to her own child's struggles. I wonder whether this is different in the UK?

Finally, a recent post about preparing children for teenage years by Gwen at An Island Family by Grace. Whilst I don't know all the resources suggested, I was interested in the idea of a teen challenge. I have a few years to prepare for our next teenager but this is an idea to mull over. 

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  1. Thank you for featuring my post Sarah :-) I really appreciated your link to the structure of the earth post at An Ordinary Life and I will definitely be making the earth model with our children.

    1. Delighted, Gwen. I am planning to explore the resources you suggest.
      We had a set of new food colours arrive yesterday and today, a playdough making extravaganza so are likely to be making the earth model in a day or so.