Friday 25 September 2015

A snapshot of our week

Just a few pictures from our week.

Crowns to go with our history about Charlemagne.

Play dough volcano for science.

Sunset nature walk while learning about the Harvest Moon. We didn't go at quite the full moon. That is on Monday with a lunar eclipse.

We saw so many bats. There are two just visible in this picture near the top.

We've just finished Castle by David Macaulay. This has so much detail and really fits in with our study of the Middle Ages. The vocabulary is complex and my eight year old enjoyed the book more than her younger brother. For the first time, I now have some sort of understanding of the structure of castles.

Augustine: the Farmer's Boy of Tagaste is a book that Younger Daughter and I read. His mother, Monica, was an amazing example of a praying Christian mother. 

Alfred the Great  is an old Ladybird history books. I have said before how much these are appreciated by our children. They have a picture on each double page and seem to light an interest in history.

My reading has slowed down. I'm finishing Sketches in Church History but need to be inspired about something to read next. Ideas?

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  1. I have some ideas for what to read next. :) If you'd like to stay in Church history, Iain Murray's Revival and Revivalism about the rise of evangelicalism is fascinating (so is Evangelicalism Divided). If you'd like something totally different, how about poetry? A Sacrifice of Praise is an anthology of Christian poetry throughout history edited by James H Trott. It's one of my "desert island" books. Reformed theology: When Grace Comes Home by Terry Johnson is one of my all-time favourites, highlighting the practical implications of the doctrines of grace. On marriage and family: Family Vocation by Gene Edward Veith and his daughter Mary Moerbe applies Martin Luther's doctrine of vocation to marriage and family. If you like lighter reading, Jan Karon is always fun, and so is Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. There. You have most of my favourites. :)

    1. Nelleke, thank you so much. Many of these are completely unknown to me but sound like books that I would love to read. Off to search for them!

  2. Have you ever read any of the Schaeffer books? Edith (the wife) has written a couple of books (Hidden Art of Homemaking and What is Family?) I have enjoyed both. They have real heart and a lot of common sense. Even the parts which are dated are still helpful reminders that hospitality for both strangers, friends and family is primarily a heart issue and can be done regardless of status, riches or tidiness!

    1. Yes, I have but not for ages. I do remember the emphasis on hospitality and was reminded of this recently when I met up with an old school friend who had visited L'Abri. I ought to have another read. Francis Schaeffer on music and art is on my "to read" list.