Thursday, 15 October 2015

When your Child Hates Handwriting: Practical, Peaceful Solutions for Parents

Julie Kirkwood who writes at Creekside Learning has produced a book for parents whose children hate handwriting.
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 I guess that most parents have had this experience, at some point whether they home educate or have children in school. Julie is a US homeschooler who also has a child in public school and the book is aimed at both parents of schooled and home educated children.

The book has four chapters:

  • Why do some kids hate writing?
  • Figuring out what makes handwriting so challenging for your child.
  • Put away the pencils and write with THIS.
  • When your child still hates handwriting.
The book ends with a resource section.

This book was written out of the experience of having children struggle with handwriting and has some helpful suggestions which make handwriting easier to approach. Probably, one of the most useful thoughts is that if a child struggles with handwriting then handwriting should be kept for handwriting time and not allowed to cause havoc with other subjects. There is a list of ways in which work can be done without handwriting-some are obvious but others are less so. 

Julie has a sane approach to handwriting which puts this into perspective and recognises that some children will be doing most of their writing on a keyboard and indeed, provides a recommendation for a course to learn to type.

Handwriting often isn't much fun and there is  long list of how to make practice more interesting as well as different reasons to write. We've been practising with the  Lovely Lemon Salt Tray, using Julie's recipe.

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When your Child hates Handwriting isn't long but gives perspective and hope, as well as practical ideas, to the parent whose child is struggling with writing. 


When your Child Hates Handwriting costs $6.99 (about £4.52) and is available from this link.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of When your Child Hates Handwriting for review purposes. The views are my own. I was not required to write a positive review. Please note that the link is an affiliate link.

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