Monday 11 April 2016

April Morning Basket

We have always had a morning meeting. Initially, reading a Bible book and praying but more recently we have added to this. These are our plans for April.

We plan to start the third volume of The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos. This is about the New Testament. 
We also use the Trinitarian Bible Society memory work and sing a hymn or chorus.

Art appreciation-weekly

More architecture and history than art, maybe, but I find this book is interesting and the younger children haven't looked at it.

Music appreciation-weekly
We are due to start on the third, of three, composers in this book: Schumann. Once we have finished this, we have the other Ladybird book of composers to use.

Nature study-weekly
This book should fit in well with our science which is about aquatic creatures. I love these old Ladybird books.

This isn't our main science just the part that happens in morning time.

I'm not sure whether this book won't be a bit too difficult but plan to use it initially to read about submersibles and submarines which are a current interest of Youngest Son.

We either revise a table or play a maths game in Morning Time.
Games that we play are

  • equivalence dominoes
  • times table matching pairs. The next step is to play this as Snap. The game is from Brain Box. 
  • Pizza Fraction Fun game from Learning Resources
  • Sum Swamp-I want to get away from this game. We have played it so often!
  • Time Lotto
  • Fraction snap from Brain Box
There is so more that we could do but I know that this amount works for us. I have been enjoying Pam Barnhill's podcasts about morning time. These have many more ideas! 
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  1. The 13 Buildings Children Should Know book sounds really interesting. I had a look on Amazon and saw there are lots more in the series. Thank you for mentioning it!

    1. Gwen, we started it today and the children really loved this book. I had decided only to read about one building at a time but there were calls to carry on. Mean Mummy decided to stop while the going was good.

    2. Such fun to see someone else using one of my favourite younger years Composers books. Aren't the illustrations are lovely!!

    3. Yes, I love the old Ladybird books. We have quite a little collection so often use them to supplement history too. The illustrations tend to be a real hit with this age group.

  2. We have always had morning time and it really is surprising how much we can get done in this time. I love the Ladybird books too and always look out for them in charity shops :)

    1. It is interesting. We were really struggling with art and music appreciation until we added them to morning time: now they actually happen!