Thursday 1 September 2016

Learning about Church History 1600 to 1850

We plan to use Story of the World: Early Modern Times for history, next year. We like the way this book covers a whole sweep of countries. However, we would like to add some additional church history and British history to this. This post is about the church history component. Please note

-this isn't exhaustive, just a snap shot for young children (ages 7 and 9).
-we are Protestant, Bible believing Christians.
-I'm not a historian.

The events that I have chosen to add are
  • The production of the Authorised Version of the Bible
  • Persecution including the Huguenots, also the treatment of non-conformists in England and Scotland prior to 1688
  • The effect of evangelical Christians on society where we will concentrate on the abolition of slavery. There is mention of abolition in the book but nothing about John Newton.
The Pilgrim Fathers are well covered in Story of the World. We will use the ideas in the activity book but I have added some UK resources for background reading.

The Resources
Authorised Version
Trinitarian Bible Society booklet: The Authorised Version-a wonderful and unfinished history.

The Pilgrim Fathers
Ladybird book on the Pilgrim Fathers
Priscilla Mullins from People in History by R.G. Unstead
Thanksgiving meal

Selections from Axminster Ecclesiastica. This is a book where a contemporaneous church record, from Devon, is reproduced. There are some amazing stories of escapes.
Marie Durand by Simonetta Carr

Possible trip to the Huguenot Museum

Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards, again, by Simonetta Carr
Visit to a site where Whitfield preached

Abolition of Slavery
We had a recent visit to the Museum of London (Docklands) which has a section devoted to the history of the slave trade.
Slave Ship Captain by Carolyn Scott

Trip to Olney where John Newton lived.

Do let me know about other resources that you would recommend or major topics that I should include.

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