Tuesday 1 November 2016

November Inspiration

We've had a beautiful half term. Now back to work!

This post has several maths links, perhaps, because I wanted to re-energise our maths time!

Bedtime math is a site which produces books with bedtime maths problems. Very conveniently, they also have a free app. Each problem has levels of difficulty and the easiest is usually very easy. 

Se7en have a great post with loads of resources for making maths fun. I'm not familiar with many of these but already have some of the books on my wish list! These resources would be great for schooled as well as home educated children.

Kate has a post about what to do when your child hates math. This post got me thinking about what was going wrong with our maths and the reason seems to be another which we are working on.

On to other subjects! Lynn has written just one piece of advice for starting nature journalling.

We all have days when it is impossible to follow our best laid plans. Bookshark has a post about Plan B homeschool days. The first about Reading Days reminds me of one of the days when I was too unwell to do anything except read from bed. I finished reading a long book and had a long, unhurried discussion with my daughter about China and the cultural revolution. 

We possess a large number of books. We have more books than bookshelf space which is a constant challenge-yes,books are doubled shelved, in odd cupboards and in piles. Nelleke has written about minimalism for homeschooling book lovers and I'm going to pluck up courage to go through the picture books!

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