Tuesday 10 October 2017

October Inspiration

We are almost a month into term and there has been plenty going on. Our home education group has been studying science and planning this has been busy, as well, as providing my children with the chance to help me practise activities. Recently, we did acids and bases at the group and used Sarah Dees' magnificent rocket activity for the older children. It worked very well but I'm sorry, teaching and running the activity took precedence over photos.

Ambleside online has produced an enormous list of Charlotte Mason resources. Many of these are relevant for those who aren't strictly Charlotte Mason followers.

Helping children learn about subjects where we are weak can be challenging. This is a helpful article about teaching music appreciation for non-musical mothers

Reformation Day is on the 31st October and this year is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther pinning his theses to the door of the Castle church in Wittenburg. Talking mom2mom has a free set of intricate colourings of the Five Solas which are ideal for older children. The Trinitarian Bible Society produce a rather splendid Reformation timeline.

It is easy to get dragged down by difficulties when home educating. This isn't a Christian article, and this shows in the solutions, but the list of joy suckers is pretty accurate.

Hope that your autumn is going well. Does anyone else struggle with not overloading the day but wanting to fit enough in?

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  1. "Does anyone else struggle with not overloading the day but wanting to fit enough in?"

    Does anyone NOT? It takes time (depending on mum, her personality, ages and personalities of children and 1000 other things) to work out what can be done in a certain time frame. And no. After 21 years of officially home edding, I've not worked it out yet, exactly. I do know that I tend to underestimate the time it takes to do things; but I'm fairly good on estimating the time it takes the current crew to get ready to leave the house.

    However, transport can be unpredictable; and queues can be long. I have no answers except that I do control the things I can (getting the children up, dressed, fed, packed lunches and ready to go); and not stress about things I can't (which - in case I sound like I have it all together -does not mean I dont' get irritated or harassed)

    I do try to have back up plans for when trains are cancelled or queues are too long etc.

    And that is just the days out - the days at home have their own issues - not so much about being presentably tidy with a packed lunch by 0930; but having breakfast, family worship and teeth brushed before we start lessons. And yes there are often indoor issues too. Missing socks or toothpaste (quick dash to pound shop); tired or grumpy people needing more understanding and TLC than other days; and the inevitable phone calls from an elderly relative.

    Don't stress about what you didn't get done, be thankful for what you did. And after all these yrs I'm still looking for what might seem like small tips but work wonders in multitasking!

    1. "Don't stress about what you didn't get done, be thankful for what you did." I really like that!
      Yes, amazing things get lost and take so much time. A couple of years ago, I felt that my great achievement of the year was to buy a large stack pencils and put them in a central pot so that there was always one at hand. I don't know why protractors always,always go missing. Anyone would think that there was a protractor thief!
      Yes, I'm looking for those amazing tips that somehow get everything done!

  2. Thanks so much for the Charlotte Mason resources list. I have trawled through the Ambleside Online booklists before for lots of helpful book suggestions, but the site you linked to has lots of extra resources too :-)