Friday 5 January 2018

First World War learning Resources

This term's history is around the First World War. There are so many resources available but this is a quick overview of some that we hope to use. My relevant children are aged 8 and 11. 

Spine books
These are books which we will be using to learn a basic outline of what happened. None of these are primary sources and we will talk about this.
  • The Story of Britain by RJ Unstead. This has a useful chapter about the years up to the First World War and then covers the First World War in a chapter which will be a quick overview!
  • The Usborne Introduction to the First World War. This is just over 120 coloured pages and will be our main source book.
  • Usborne History of the World: the First World War. This will be more for the children to dip into. 

Read alouds
  • The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy. This is a sequel to the Good Master but is a story about the First World War from the other side. The story is set in the Hungarian Plains where the soldiers go to fight for the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • War in the Wasteland by Douglas Bond. This is a fictionalised account of CS Lewis's time in the trenches.
  • If time, War Horse or Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. 
Picture books

I wrote about this almost four years ago. We won't be using these to the same extent now but just to say that these three are particularly worth revisiting with older children.
  • Alfie's War Scrapbook
  • Where the poppies grow-this comes out at Poetry Tea occasionally.
  • Fly, Cher Ami , Fly
Other resources
  • local maps from the First World War or just before. We have been able to locate a 1913 map of our area.
  • family diaries and photos
  • Home Front Legacy This app can be used to record local First World War sites.
  • War Poetry website
  • local history websites
London Places to Visit
  • Imperial War Museum has a First World War gallery
  • National Army Museum has a self guided trail about a soldier's life in the First World War
  • War memorials
  • Other buildings associated with the First World War. The Home Front Legacy site has information about many but not all. 
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