Saturday 15 September 2018

Not back to School

If you follow home educators on social media then you will probably have seen #notbacktoschool.

Why do home educators celebrate not going back to school?

  • this is a time to look at the positives of home education.
  • the rest of social media is full of pictures of smiling children going to school and yes, it is easy to wonder whether that is where our children should go too.
  • why shouldn't our children enjoy celebrating their education?
So, yes, many of us celebrate. I also think it is a time to re-evaluate why we home educate. This is often a helpful cure for the wobbles.

How to celebrate? There are so many ways.
  • picnics abound
  • this is an excellent time of year to visit busy museums. Most children are back in school and school parties haven't started in earnest. The Science Museum tends to have special home educator days near the start of terms. 
  • playgrounds are empty again!
  • the cost of holidays plummet. This year, we have just come back from North Wales.
  • Poetry Teatime 
  • and of course, add your own ideas for enjoying a new year of learning.
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  1. Glad you’re posting a bit more; I always find your writing thought provoking and the links are useful. Reading your blog, and your reasons for writing were part of the inspiration for me to begin my fledgling blog. Thank you.

  2. Good to see you writing again....what a busy summer! I find your posts thought provoking and informative, and the links are useful. I like your ethos for blogging and it was part of the inspiration for me to begin my own fledgling homeschool blog. Thank you. Have a good term!

    1. Thank you, Molly. I have been enjoying reading your blog.