Tuesday 17 September 2013

September inspiration

We are half way through September and yes, it feels like autumn. There are some yummy positives.  Early this morning, my husband and Youngest Son were happily engaged in digging potatoes.

We have the freedom, here in the UK, to home educate but in Germany, home education is not legal. Do remember this family whose children have been removed just because they home educate. I know that not everyone who reads this is a home educator but do consider what it would be like not to have the freedom to make this decision.

Still on the subject of home education, Jacinda at Growing Home has written about the reasons why she and her husband have decided to home educate. Just in case anyone is curious, our reasons are not dissimilar and I wrote about about them in this blog post, some time ago.

Most parents have had times when either they were horribly embarrassed about their own children's behaviour or wondered why others couldn't get their children to behave better. Those of us who have had children for any length of time have probably experienced both feelings and plenty of the former! Kendra has written a thoughtful post about this very subject.

Do pop over to the Metropolitan Tabernacle site to see some short illustrated clips about the important issues of life: What is life, The mystery of death, the House of the Soul and a couple of others.

Back in August, I reviewed a Bible study book called Beauty in the heart.  At that time it was not available in the UK but I'm delighted that stocks of this book, and the book for young men, Because you are strong, will soon be arriving at Ichthus Resources. It isn't yet on the website but do contact Ichthus if you want to order.

Pumpkin-from the shop. Not grown by me!

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