Tuesday 16 November 2010

Amazon and bookshops

After recently publicity about Amazon stocking books of a distinctly family unfriendly nature, I've had a think about my affiliate bookshop and decided to close it down.
I don't want to be promoting an organisation which has offered products which are an antithesis of all I believe to be right.
Having said that, I may still buy occasional books, especially when I can't get them elsewhere, but I don't want to be promoting the organisation.
This leads to a practical problem. I like the books that I've had in my affiliate store and would still like to have lists of these up. My plan is to have a page for these and also for links to my bookshop recommendations. These are recommendations and not affiliate links.
Anyway, my current bookshop recommendations are
Metroplitan Tabernacle bookshop sells a good range of Christian books at competitive prices.
Conquest Books has a wide range of home education books plus plenty of children's books including the lovely picture books by Johannah Bluedorn. They are very helpful and books arrive very quickly.
The Christian bookshop Ossett is owned by Jeremy and Lorna Roe. They are great at ordering books, recommendations. Lorna runs a ladies' reading list which I'm hoping to join in the New Year.

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