Thursday 4 November 2010

Christian home educators in South East London

I've recently been able to make contact with two other Christian home educating families in the South East London area, thanks to a friend (thank you, Sarah) and a Christian home educators e-mail list. None of us previously knew each other nor do we attend the same churches.

We are hoping to meet together in the next few weeks for some activities for the children and lunch.

More in hope than expectation, I wondered whether anyone knows any other Christian home educators in this area who might like to meet. Please contact me, or preferably ask the person you know to contact me,either via the comments (I won't post anything with personal information) or via e-mail.
The families meeting have younger children, pre-school and early primary school, with the exception of one of mine who is late primary school age.


  1. Hi Sarah, where were you thinking of meeting, maybe we could come along (some of the infants and I)

  2. Henrietta, at my house. You would be very welcome. I can e-mail more details.