Thursday, 2 December 2010

Books-of course

I've just put up the beginning of the book lists. I'm sure there are many more to be added and I was running out of steam after age five! Hope to expand this in the near future.

Thinking ahead, past all the things to be done in the next month which I haven't started, I wanted to put together a list of books to read next year. This would be for me rather than read alouds for the children. Like many mothers, I don't get much time to read but having a list would be a push to read more. I'm not thinking about a crazy number but perhaps 15 over the year and a variety of types of books.
My current wishlist seems to involve only books from the US. If anyone has read them please let me know your opinions as I'm debating whether they are worth importing. One, at least, is very heavy!
Anyway, the list is
Large family logistics which I'm told is very heavy! I'm waiting for a quote on postage hopefully before the end of the Vision Forum 50% sale!
Lessons at Blackberry Inn. This is a novel with teaching about a lady home educating in the 1920s using Charlotte Mason's ideas. I've read "Pocket full of pinecones" which is the first book in the series and found it inspirational. Karen Andreola has also written "A Charlotte Mason companion" which is my current reading. We certainly wouldn't espouse all of Charlotte Mason's ideas and are especially dubious about her ideas about the will. However, some of the practical ideas around nature journals, narration and music are interesting and we may use.
Nourishing traditions sounds interesting and controversial in its ideas on nutrition. I can't decide whether it is wild and wacky or whether there is something in this. I think I shall have to read and decide!

Ossett Christian bookshop has a Ladies reading club which is another aim for next year.

Has anyone any suggestions for good reading? How do you find time to read?


  1. I have really enjoyed "Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother" by Caroline Mahaney. It's based on the Titus passage

    "the older women likewise that they be ... teachers of good things— that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.

    I found it very challenging and encouraging.

  2. Hi

    I hope you dont mind me posting here, i couldnt make a comment on your other blog because i dont have a google account/blog/Aim etc. I dont know any other Scots who homeschool and i was wondering how you find homeschooling in Scotland? I feel like it is impossible where i live, and i am not sure how i would cope with the subjects i dont feel i have any strength in (maths for example!). I was also wondering hwo you cope with the local community? Do they see it as strange that you homeschool?

    Thanks, and again, sorry for posting in the wrong place!


  3. Hi Jules,

    No problem. I will copy and paste this onto the comments on the other blog too.
    I'm not Scottish and don't live in Scotland so can't comment specifically about that. Anne may want to comment about home ed in Scotland.
    In London, the community probably isn't as strong. We do know people who disagree with our decision although not particularly, so far, from the local community.
    We tend to do most work in conventional school type hours and although we are sometimes out and about, it is usually either for exercise, the library or educational events so may not be especially visible.
    In terms of people thinking us strange, we try to be open about what we are doing and why. People who seriously oppose home education aren't, in my experience, interested in knowing the whys and wherefores and so we just have to go on our way, doing the best we can as unto God and not man.
    The support and encouragement from other home educators is helpful. I am thankful that there are other Christian home educators in the area and other friends at the end of an e-mail or telephone.
    I guess we all worry about the subjects where we aren't strong. I worried tremendously about art. God does answer prayer and we have found some great local classes in two different places, at present.
    There are programmes for subjects, such as maths, that use on-line or DVD teaching which can be useful. For smaller children, there are so many number activities in everyday life that help young children get the idea that numbers are fun and useful.