Thursday 16 December 2010

Slow cooker stock

Apologies to anyone who thinks that I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs. I had to be taught about this by my friend Carol and being domestically challenged found this very useful.

This is great for using up the last remains of the chicken or turkey, is very quick and provides the base for another meal.

Take any meat off the carcass, throw it into the slow ccoker with one chopped onion and any left over vegetables (not potatoes or brassica group veg), add mixed herbs, heat any remaining gravy to boiling point and add this plus enough boiling water to cover the carcass. Cook on high for twelve hours or overnight. Skim out the bones and vegetables and store in the fridge or freezer.

This stock is especially good in lentil soup. Served with cheese and wholemeal bread this provides a filling meal.

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  1. I recently discovered doing this too. It's so much easier and I think better than doing it on the stove:)