Thursday, 24 February 2011


In this house, we have people who are trying to gain weight, people trying to lose weight, those who want a more healthy diet and those who think that the only good food comes out of a packet and definitely isn't made by Mum. Some people each many more than five portions of fruit and veg a day whereas other members of the household struggle to make three, I'm ashamed to say.

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We have a toddler, a pre-schooler, a middle years child, two teenagers, two adults and an elderly person.

Me-well, I'm confused about what is "healthy" and where to find proper resources about this. Is butter healthy or is it too full of saturated fat? Should we aim for a high carbohydrate or high fat diet? Is the Mediterranean diet really the best and what is the evidence for various components of this? I'm sure that I should know most of this but I don't.

Plus, two more things

-I only want to cook one main meal that will do for everyone
-It all has to be in budget. That was £85 per week including food and cleaning stuffs but has crept up to £100 per week usually plus £10 extra with food inflation and growing children.

Not sure this is possible. Perhaps, I will be brave and post my monthly meal plan-I'm sure it isn't right but then, perhaps, it can't be right.


  1. I have to think about meals in a similar way and i generally try to for example put a dish together at the last moment. So with a pasta/meat/veg dish i cook all the bits seperately and then put extra veg and less pasta and meat out for myself, before combining everyone elses and put in sauce and cheese etc. At one point i also had another complication in that Jeff was on a diaryfree diet and so had to mix his with a dairyfree sauce/lactofree cheese!

  2. I have to get better at this myself for health of body and budget. :-) Thanks for sharing.