Friday 4 February 2011

Guest post-Ironbridge

I haven't written much this week as we have spent the last three days with some kind friends, over on the Welsh border. This is a guest post from my middle son. We use a private blog for a part of his English and this is copied, with kind permission, from there.

On Wednesday, we went to a place called Ironbridge.
First of all, we went to a museum called Enginuity.
At Enginuity, there are lots of fun things like pulling a steam train, building an earthquake proof building, and there is also a robot that can build the Eiffel tower and the Iron Bridge, it can also play music on a keyboard. You can also generate electricity on a machine and
then see which appliance uses most electricity.
Afterwards we went to the Iron Bridge which
was made in the Industrial Revolution.
At first we had wanted to buy a sausage roll at an excellent butcher in Much Wenlock but it was closed so we had to have lunch at a cafe in Ironbridge which was very nice.
After that we walked about a bit and then we went home before our trip to Wales the next day.

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  1. We've been to Ironbridge twice since we've lived here, but we've never been to the Enginuity Museum. We'll have to do that sometime!