Monday 19 September 2011

Make believe

This week, our Five in a Row book is, Climbing the Kansas Mountains by George Shannon. This is obviously a metaphor and has an interesting picture at the end combining real and symbolism. A fascinating book. I wasn't sure about the children's reaction beforehand but they were enthusiastic.

To fit in with this, I have chosen some books about imaginary events some of which may be symbolic and metaphorical and some of which are probably just fun.

Andrew's bath by David McPhail is about a little boy taking his first solo bath and the adventures that ensue.

Bear by Mick Inkpen is a fun tale of how a "real" bear visits some children. A story to read again and again.

I puzzle about The tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr. What does it mean? Why is there a tiger cat near the end? Does it have some link with Judith Kerr's young life and having to flee Germany? Anyway, it is the sort of story that children enjoy and makes Mummy think.

Tiger by Nick Butterworth is one of our Bookstart books. A simple story about a kitten who likes to think of himself as a tiger.

This is linked to 5-a-Day books at the Imagination Tree.

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  1. I puzzle about it too! Such a strange story in a way, and yet most young children just LOVE it!