Friday 16 September 2011

Some needed inspiration

This has been a busy, tiring week so other people's inspiration has been needed and orginal thought  has been a bit lacking!

  This is straight out of Miss Belle's imagination: snakes in the water.

This autumn tree seemed such a fascinating idea that we made our own version. Our autumn ideas are
  • a conker hunt-now done
  • scrunch in leaves
  • read autumn books-I haven't quite decided which ones yet
  • celebrate Reformation Day on 31st October
  • plant hyacinths
  • make pumpkin soup
  • rake leaves
  • walk in the woods

Spiders have been a bit of a theme this week, both the beautiful real one on the washing line and with a couple of activities. I've got another activity up my sleeve, thanks to a conversation with a friend in the park, but we haven't done that one yet.
This activity from Almost Unschoolers  was a great success. Mr Exuberance who is 31months was able to paint happily and produce a result worthy of the wall.

Sun hats and wellie boots had another exciting spider activity. I'm afraid that we didn't have a canvas so did this on coloured activity paper. Only a couple of weeks ago, I had seen really good value canvases but passed them over as I couldn't think what to do with them. Anyway, the children loved making these. Miss Belle has decided that she isn't too fond of spiders so made a jelly fish instead but Mr Exuberance and Middle Son, who had decided to join in as a relief from learning a new maths concept, produced spiders.
 Shape made with glue and spread with an unusual implement.
Glitter sprinkled and then more glitter.

Finally, something that we haven't done yet but which has produced much enthusiasm from the children is a unit study about chocolate. Probably a treat for the end of term. I shall look forward to it!


  1. We're just getting ready to make up this year's fall leaf list - thanks for a few more ideas!

  2. I thought the snakes and spiders were cute and then I espied a unit study about chocolate. Now, why have i not ever thought of that?