Monday 9 January 2012


This week our Five in a Row book is A pair of red clogs by Masako Matsuno. This is about a Japanese girl and her pair of new, red clogs. The clogs get damaged whilst playing and she is tempted to deceive her mother in order to obtain a new pair.

I wanted to make some "clogs" for the children to decorate and use in a game mentioned in the book.

The clogs were made from recycled materials-excluding the paint. The bases were made from cardboard. They should be made from wood but I haven't done any woodwork since I was about 12. My other, and more relevant reason is that the children love walking around in real Dutch wooden clogs but they are so noisy on wood floors!

The bases are rectangles cut just larger than the child's foot. The thongs were made from old ribbon knotted under each hole.
The children painted their clogs. I was interested that they both chose red and yellow which are the predominant colours in the book.
The finished product.
Dried and on the feet
I don't think these will last long! Since they cost virtually nothing to make, they can be replaced easily and can also be thrown in the weather game in the book.

This is linked to It's playtime.


  1. I love the clogs! I really like how resourceful you were with the materials to make the clogs. have a good week!

  2. What a great idea my kids would have like making this when we studied Japan earlier in the year, will have to remember if for next time.