Friday 13 January 2012

A pair of red clogs

This week we "rowed" A pair of red clogs by Masako Matsuno. This book describes how a girl is brought a new pair of clogs and her delight about this. Soon, however, the clogs are damaged and she schemes to get a new pair. Conscience comes into play and she realises that she cannot deceive her mother.
Geography: The book is set in Japan. We found this on the map and by the end of the week Miss Belle was able to find Japan for herself.

I posted earlier in the week about making clogs.

We tried eating sushi but not home made as it looked too complicated. Of course, we ate with chopsticks.

Miss Belle has gained a taste for green tea!

We tried to fly kites but there wasn't much wind.

This was an opportunity to play shops-shoe shops. Rather battered shoes were sold for amounts of real money reflecting their state!
The book also provides plenty of counting opportunity.
Mr Exuberance loved the book that we read alongside this: My Granny went to market:a round the world counting rhyme by Stella Blackstone.

The clogs are broken in a weather forecasting game. We took this idea and started to record the weather pictorially and in words on a calendar as well as making a very simple rain gauge and wind socks.

Literacy: The story is built around a reminiscence. We talked about memory and story telling from this.
Probably for the first time, I asked Miss Belle to narrate the story. I was amazed at the detail that she remembered. She had said that she couldn't remember and I realised that she thought that she had to remember every word!

Character: This story lends itself to talking about truthfulness and stewardship.
The book Lucy Lie a Lot by Irene Howat was a useful accompaniment.

I felt that we could have done more around this book but Miss Belle and Mr Exuberance have been so busy with other things-art and science have been almost non-stop this week. These little ones don't distinguish between "education time" and free time.


  1. What darling clogs!!! I look forward to rowing this book this semester :)

  2. Apologies for the late posting of this-we have had some internet problems.