Tuesday, 26 June 2012

10 good things about home educating in the UK

Home education in the UK is less common than in the US. It is easy to look enviously across the Pond,  at the enormous conventions and groups, but there are many positives to home education here.

1. Home education in the UK is legal.

2. Whilst home education is not as big as in the US, most big towns have a group. It is almost always possible to meet up with other home educators. Here, in London, there are several Christian groups and a plethora of secular groups.

3. The UK is full of history and there are so many sites to see.

4. Many museums and art galleries are free.

5. The National Trust and English Heritage have special deals for home educators. In the case of English Heritage, entry is free provided it is booked at least 14 days in advance.

6. There are specialist suppliers which sell  home education materials.

7. Some more main stream sites cater for home educators.

8. Our climate means that it is possible to go outside on most days in the year, plus or minus wellies and waterproofs.

9. The sea is never far away-think exercise, biology, geography, creative writing just for starters.

10. There are UK based home education organisations. Home service represents Christians whereas Education Otherwise and the Home Education Advisory Service support home educators of various beliefs. Perhaps, more important there are web groups for various aspects of home education. The Christian education group is active and a source of advice and encouragement.

Of course, none of these points are reasons to home educate but factors that make for a more pleasant journey.
Why we home educate is another matter.

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  1. Anthea in Essex30 June 2012 at 12:24

    What a constructive series of points. I also think that there is easier access to open space and wildlife here in the UK.

    God bless you all this weekend.

  2. Hi, just found your blog via worldwide culture. You have made my day/week/year.... I have never found an English blog doing Five in a Row. So have been reading to find where you are based, I live in The Lake District, but have family in Essex. Thank you for posting about five in a row and other books you have read with them. Off to spend evening reading through the 42 posts and make notes on some of the book titles that look interesting.
    My email is becky.coates@talktalk.net, haven't got into blog yet!!! one thing want to learn!!

  3. Hi Becky,
    Glad you like the blog.
    We love Five in a Row. The Lake District is a wonderful place-Peter Rabbit will fit in well with the Beatrix Potter connection. We are in London which is a pretty good place to home educate!