Monday, 4 June 2012

Flat Stanley goes to the Jubilee

Miss Belle was keen to see something of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Tuesday didn't seem a good day to take young children into central London. Exciting as the Diamond Jubilee is, we were sad that the Pageant was on Sunday, the Lord's Day, when we celebrate the King of the whole earth. So Saturday, was a good day to take Flat Stanley to see something of the excitement. We knew the Queen wouldn't be at home as she  was due to visit the races but Buckingham Palace wasn't planning to move.

What we hadn't realised was that although Buckingham Palace hadn't moved, it had a large temporary stadium built in front of it for the concert this evening.

We walked through St James' Park and saw this plant crown-impressive.
Flat Stanley waved flags at the ducks.
He had another go at seeing Buckingham Palace, through a gap in the temporary fences
and went to the playground.
On the way back, we saw a horse drawn carriage, maybe practising for the procession on Tuesday?
Flat Stanley had a little look at one of the many shops full of soveneirs.
Soon, we will say "Goodbye" to our temporary guest and send Flat Stanley onto his next family. We hope that he has enjoyed seeing the Diamond Jubilee preparations.


  1. So exciting to live so close to all the action! But it is sad that so many people devalue the Sunday.

    Thank you for the question about starting Shakespeare. That seems to be an excellent topic for a blog post in the next few weeks. Thanks!

    For starters, I suggest you see if any Shakespeare plays are being put on in parks in your area; they are often accessible and family-friendly and are one of the highlights of our summers. Of course, you could also begin to enjoy the summaries for children by Lamb or Nesbitt.

  2. Thank you-I shall look forward to your post. Must look out for summer plays.

  3. We were in Scotland during the celebration so not able to go down town:( We watched some of it on the telly:) We have done Flat Stanley a few times always lots of fun. I did buy the souvenir Queens Jubilee book at the airport which I am going to keep :)