Thursday 25 October 2012

Discovery Wok

Recently, a kind blog reader sent me some picture books, thank you Morgan. One of these books was The Emperor and the Nightingale.
 Both Miss Belle (6) and Mr Exuberance (3 3/4) have loved this book so we listened to the song of a nightingale and collected together some Chinese items from around the house. We were going to put these together as a discovery box but decided that it was more apt to put them together in the wok as a Discovery Wok.

The wok was overflowing and only the lower right edge can be seen. It contained

Chinese kite-the bird pattern at the back
a book with information about giant pandas
a recipe for a Chinese meal
a Chinese vase
soy sauce
noodles-to make our stir fry to go with the book
a toy made in China
a short list of (English) words connected with China
The story about Ping-another loved book about China
The Emperor and the nightingale

Collecting items from the country in which a book is set is something that we will probably do again. It was a very visual and hands-on way to place the book in its setting and to think more about a different culture.

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  1. Thank you to linking up to The Little Book Adventure. I absolutely love your discovery wok with so many special items. I think the addition of the wok is very clever.