Tuesday 23 October 2012


October is an odd month: beautiful autumn colours but the thought of the greyness and gloominess beyond can be a bit discouraging. Still, definitely, a time to appeciate.

We've had a busy few weeks and are now enjoying a two week half term. A time to read and catch up, at least with the housework.

I don't find the first year after a baby, at all easy. Sometimes more difficult  than others but never easy. Often, it seems that everyone else knows what to do with their baby and is happy. Of course, that isn't true but in those post partum months it doesn't seem so. Jamie at the Unlikely Homeschool has written a helpful article called homeschooling through baby blues really about difficulties through the first months and not just the short lived "baby blues". Do read this and don't miss the last paragraph-do seek help.

My little bookcase has a challenge about producing a Discovery Box to go with a picture book about a place. The example on the blog is about Venice. This would have been a great idea to go with our Venice unit.  The challenge ends at the end of the month-we are busy putting a box together but this is an idea to which, I suspect, we shall return.

One of the great benefits of home education blogs is being given ideas. Anglicscalliwags is full of ideas especially around history and writing. The paper mache map of Great Britain to go with their Anglo Saxon and Viking studies is fabulous.

Se7en, as always, has great resources. The music post had a few books and resources that I recognised but many others that I didn't. We go to a group that is looking at music, this year, and some of these books will help my children make the most of these sessions.

Finally, I was challenged by the article on Raising Arrows about a lack of time or a lack of preparation. Definitely, something that I need to work on over half term.


  1. Thank you so much for including me!

  2. What great links. I'm so honored to be included. I too, am sometimes guilty of "lack of preparation." My days go so much more organized when I just take a few minutes each night to set our "tomorrow" in order.