Thursday, 13 December 2012

Black Forest snow

Middle Son and my husband have just had a few days in the Black Forest so that Middle Son could have a chance to practice his German and have some exposure to German/Swiss culture.

They saw snow,
 more snow,
yet more snow, from the train this time,

and ice.

Chalets-this reminds me of Heidi.

A railway system that worked even in the snow.

I particularly asked for a picture of a clock shop-this has a bit of reflection as it had to be taken through glass.

The Rhine

Famous buildings

and churches

and more snow.

Thanks to Middle Son for the photos.


  1. Great pictures we have been to Germany many times and we always love it there.hope your husband and son had a great time

  2. Thank you-yes, they had a great time. They both like the snow and had a very happy time.