Wednesday 5 December 2012

Mummy reading

Like many mothers of young children, I read aloud picture book after picture book.

As a home educating mother, I read aloud many chapter books. Initially, I read these to Middle Son. It was fun rediscovering the Thirty Nine Steps and the Little House on the Prairie series but Middle Son doesn't really need me to read to him now. Now, I read aloud to my six year old daughter, mainly shorter chapter books including some from my own childhood. There is a little list in my head of more books to read her.

Last, I read to myself.  I've just been evaluating this and thinking about what I should be reading.

So what do I read? The Bible is first and far, far the best. I use the M'Cheyne reading plan. (I know nothing about this site just that it has a link to the plan)

What else?

  • Biographies
  • Children's books so I can discuss them with Middle Son or to see whether they are suitable read alouds.
  • Christian books
  • Novels-hmm
  • Home education books 
I would like to get through more "weighty" reading especially around theology, Christian living and education. 

So why are certain books easy to read? What would it take to get me reading heavier books?
For me, a successful book 
  • has large font
  • is easy to read after midnight
  • breaks into sections 
  • Isn't too long

My best reads from 2012 are

  • Christian living: Friends and lovers by Joel Beeke

  • Devotional:The secret of communion with God by Matthew Henry
I have a list of books that I hope to read but am always looking for more suggestions. What should I add to my want to read list?


  1. I've just enjoyed reading Marriage to a Difficult Man by Elisabeth Dodds again. It is a biography of Jonathon and Sarah Edwards and funnily enough, my husband bought it for me. I recommend it and would happily lend it to you. A friend lent me Everyday Talk by J. A. Younts (subtitled Talking Freely and Naturally about God with your Children). I found it much more challenging and helpful than the title suggests. And finally and most encouraging of all, This Momentary Marriage, by John Piper, which I found slow to start but so good and helpful in seeing really what marriage is for.

  2. Lisa, thank you for the suggestions. Yes, I would love to borrow Marriage to a Difficult Man. Jonathan and Sarah Edwards were a fascinating couple-maybe a bit like Martin and Katie Luther.