Friday 19 April 2013

10 minutes extra

The theme of this year in our home education seems to be putting in several extra activities which take about 10 minutes each. This has worked well for us.

So far the additions have been
  • handwriting for Younger Daughter. She is using Getty-Dubay. We saw improvement after the first week of daily practice. 
  • word maths programme, Lone Star, for Middle Son. Generally, this doesn't even take 10 minutes a day. He is definitely getting faster.
  • American organ practice for Younger Daughter.
  • Mental maths for Younger Daughter. This is actually meant to take one minute but the reality is that it takes longer.
  • Fun science for Youngest Son. This varies but generally only takes 10 minutes. Today, he got really interested in buoyancy and whether he could make a boat for his toy car which would otherwise sink so it did take rather longer.

  • Seterra for Middle Son, and me! We don't do this every day but hopefully our geographical knowledge has improved. 
It would be good to add a picture study or a daily poem. These are things that we have done, on and off, but not been consistent about. I don't want to over clutter our day though.  

How do you put in extras? I'm trying to plan for next year but. I'm also conscious that some of these things that I would like to add won't quite fit. 

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  1. Amazing what we can get done in 10 minutes!

  2. Sounds like an awesome day. I've recently added in 10 minutes a day of Math Rider for my youngest. :-)

  3. A great idea! Even if my extras only take 10 minutes it seems like my kids can draw it out a lot longer!