Wednesday 24 April 2013

Spring project-bees

Some time ago, we had a great day out  and met up with my friend, Rachel. We spent time talking about Rachel's Spring Project. This  involves poetry, music, books and craft. I was delighted to look at this further and we have been using it to study bees. Over the next few weeks, we hope to study other animals, in Spring. Using this feels a bit like using Five in a Row-a literature based study branching out to other areas.

We found, and have been reading, several books about bees:
Busy, Buzzy bee published by Karen Wallace
The bee tree by Patricia Palacco
A hive of busy bees by Effie Williams and others

The poem to go with this theme was Mary Robinson's The Queen Bee.

Rimsky Korsakov's the Dance of the bumble bee went particularly well with this theme. The musical component is something that I really appreciate about this project.

There were a few bumble bees around the garden but we were able to make a Bumble Bee hotel to try to attract bumble bees to our garden. We decided to use some old tiles rather than buy wood specially for the project. Making them stick was challenging but we succeeded in the end.

This was a useful video to go with the science.
We went looking for bees in the flowers

 and saw a few although we didn't get pictures of any.

We've done this before but we made tessellations with hexagons.

Unlike two years ago, we didn't see a swarm of bees but this we enjoyed looking at bees, all the same, and hopefully, we will attract some bumble bees.

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