Tuesday 3 September 2013

Organising your life:laundry

Welcome  back to this five day series arranged by Caroline at the Joyful Keeper. This is all about organising life. I'm a learner at this and am looking forward to learning from the other ladies who are posting. Some of these posts will be ideas that have worked well for me and others are more about where I would like to be! I will try to be clear about what has definitely worked and what is just aspirational.

The topics are
Today the theme is organising the laundry. 

For a largish family, the laundry never seems to end! In this household, we frequently wash six days a week.

How do I organise the washing? This is around my laundry maids. I have two: one washes and one dries but I try not to use the second laundry maid as she is expensive to pay. Instead, I use the laundry slave. This is a picture of the laundry slave.

 The laundry slave has to start work early or she won't finish the work for the day. In order for this to happen, the first laundry maid does one load of washing overnight and then usually, one or more loads in the early morning.

The biggest problem with the laundry slave is that she doesn't work when it rains. As we use the washing machine maid most days, it is sometimes possible to skip a rainy day and do extra on the following day. We live in England and sometimes it rains and rains. When this happens, we have a second laundry slave: the inside airer but she takes ages to do her work so sometimes re have to resort to the rather expensive drier maid.

The other way that we have found to avoid getting too behind with the washing, is to avoid having too many clothes. The more clothes there are, the more likely they are to be sitting in a heap of waiting to be washed, waiting to be folded and put away or worse still, waiting to be ironed clothes.

I can't think that there is too much more to be said about our laundry system. However, some other bloggers are also sharing about how their laundry works.



Lisa at the newly relaunched Tales of a Homeschool Family.

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Please join us. Caroline, at the Joyful Keeper, has a linky for you to add your own posts on organising your laundry.

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