Monday 16 September 2013

Rain Forest adventures

My youngest son often talks about creatures in the Amazon so I was pleased to have the opportunity of review Rain Forest Adventures by Horace Banner, published by Christian Focus.

Mr Banner was a missionary on the Xingu River which is a tributary of the Amazon. He has written short stories about the animals and birds that he encountered. Each chapter is about a different creature and comprises a story, at least one black and white drawing and a Christian application and Bible verses. The creatures range from the piranha fish to the armadillo. Twenty six different animals are featured.

I read the book myself and am now reading it to my three younger children, aged 13, almost 7 and 4, a chapter a day. The book fits well for the older two and the four year old dips in and out of concentration mainly depending on the animal involved! Personally, I have enjoyed the pictures of life in the rain forest. Some of the illustrations are memorable such as the parasol ants and their industry and the boa constrictor which ended its life as soap suds being a warning to think about the end of life. One story, that of the butterfly or moth, appeared to have a rather Arminian application.

Overall, this is a useful book to read to children. Christian Focus state that it is suitable for reading aloud to 7-9 year olds and for reading independently by 9-12 year olds. This seems a fair estimate although interested children of a slightly younger age will probably also enjoy the book.

The book can obtained from Christian Focus, Amazon and the Christian Bookshop Ossett.

Rain Forest Adventures was provided by Christian Focus for the purpose of the review. The opinions are my own.

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