Saturday 26 October 2013

Autumn break

We are taking a two week autumn half term break from formal work.  The term is long and this is such a colourful time of year. We've been outside as much as possible.

Middle Son has had to do some work. He studies German and history with Northstar who were working as usual this week so he knuckled down and did the work without needing to be reminded.

We all took sometime off though, for a trip into Kent, stopping at the lovely Knole Park for a picnic and walk. If you live in the South East of England, Knole is a must visit place. The house has some fantastic Tudor portraits, not that we saw them this week, and the deer park is an amazing place for children to run. It was so good to be together and for my husband to manage a rare day off.

When we take a break, it is always interesting to see how the children spend their time. Younger Daughter loves art and spent an afternoon painting whereas Younger Son spends hours with Duplo. Of course, there were the parks and walks.

 Den building is something that the two younger children wanted to do this week.

Younger Daughter's passport from the Children's University arrived this week. The Children's University is a way of recording learning outside the classroom which seems ideal for home educators. In reality, the learning counted tends to be organised "extra curricular" activities like art, science award or nature conservation awards. Still, it looks fun and covers things that Younger Daughter finds particularly interesting.

This week, we've had a Church Thanksgiving so it has been a time to think about the many, many things for which we are grateful.

Books we are reading:
I'm reading the Golden Years by Christopher Bogosh.
 Eldest Daughter and I decided that we needed some light reading, so Christmas with Miss Read came this week. Life is a bit busy at present so I'm trying not to read too much!
Recently, I reviewed the Witness Men by Rebecca Davis. Younger Daughter loved this book so now we are reading The Good News must go out by the same author. This is about missionary work in the Central African Republic and is gripping reading. Younger Daughter keeps asking for "one more chapter".
Youngest Son is ready for me to read him early chapter books. Some of my favourite early chapter books appeal more to girls and we really don't like the Horrid Henry type genre. I put a request on a Christian home education Facebook page and had many suggestions. I'm planning and looking through these. Do add some more!
A review copy of Seasons of the heart by Donna Kelderman arrived yesterday. I found the quote below in it.

To think about
From Frances Ridley Havergal about God's guidance
In perplexities—when we cannot understand what is going on around us; cannot tell whither events are tending; cannot tell what to do because we cannot see into or through the matter before us—let us be calmed and steadied and made patient by the thought that what is hidden from us is not hidden from Him. If He chooses to guide us blindfold, let Him do it! It will not make the least difference to the reality and righteousness of the guidance.


  1. It sounds like a fun break. Did you get some books suggestions? I remember reading My Father's Dragon and J liked that. I will try to think of some others we have enjoyed.

    1. Yes, I had quite a few suggestions. I will look my My Father's Dragon-thank you.