Tuesday 15 October 2013

Review opportunity!

Regular readers will have noticed that I have been writing reviews for the Schoolhouse Crew over the last year. The Schoolhouse is about to recruit the Review Crew for 2014 so if you home educate and have a blog, you may want to pop over to the Schoolhouse blog to find out more.

If you are interested, don't forget to keep an eye on the Schoolhouse blog over the next few weeks.

Reviewing has been interesting but more important, has been a helpful add on to my children's education and also meant that we have had educational resources that we wouldn't otherwise have known about. In addition,  review products can reduce the expenditure needed on educational products.

These are the items that I have reviewed over the year and there are more coming up! Other reviewers have reviewed different products and those in the US will have a different range available.

The homegrown preschooler: teaching your kids in the places where they live

Homeschool Spanish Academy
Beauty in the heart
Lone Star Learning (Target the question)
Homeschool Programming
Flowering Baby
Schoolhouse Teachers.com
Mayan Mystery
A journey through learning
Homeschool in the Woods-Great Empires

Sacagawea (Brave explorers every child should know)
Touch Math

Circle Time: Plan the best part of your school day
Simplified Dinners
Reading Kingdom
Understanding child brain development
Student strength's report


  1. I made the lentil soup last night and it was a hit. The only problem was I should have doubled the recipe. We didn't have any leftovers. Thank you for sharing that.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Lentil soup is quite a favourite here even with some people who wouldn't eat the components separately!

  2. I tried the crew a year ago but just couldn't keep up with all the reviews. But it is such a great group of ladies, so glad you found them and can use the materials. I missed getting to use new materials:)

    1. Yes, there can be a lot of reviews, particularly for the ladies from the US. It has been a postive experience for us but wouldn't fit everyone's schedule.