Monday 10 March 2014

Learning about the Georgians

This term, we have been looking at the Georgians. This isn't an area where there is an abundance of material for younger children.

These are the resources that we have either used or plan to use with my younger two aged 5 and 7. 
  • Our Island Story by HE Marshall
  • Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer
  • R.J. Unstead's Looking at History Section Life in Georgian England from Book 4 Queen Anne to Queen Elizabeth
  • Ladybird books on Handel and Nelson.
  • Faith and Fame Horseman of the King about John Wesley
We started with the Unstead book. I do recommend this book which was written for primary aged children and details some of the major events along with social history. The book has several pictures on every page and is an easy read for young readers or can be read aloud. Look out for this second hand as it is out of print.

  • Bath
  • Georgian London
  • British Library exhibition The Georgians revealed (just Younger Daughter-I think this might have been too difficult for my 5 year old)
  • Georgian large house-I'm still deciding which one!
  • Possibly Chawton-Jane Austen's house
  • Portsmouth to see the Victory
  • National Portrait Gallery Georgian room- don't do this just after the Tudor room. The Tudor room is exciting for younger children and the other rooms then receive the fag end of their concentration! Just saying.
There are so many more places that we could visit: The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, the Handel House Museum, the National Gallery, the Open Air Museum, the Carriage Museum to name a few.

    People for special attention
    • George Frederick Handel
    • Gainsborough
    • John Wesley
    • George Whitfield
    • Jane Austen
    • Admiral Nelson
    • the English monarchs
    • Handel's water music and several other pieces of Handel's music.
    • Pictures by Gainsborough
    Of course, there is far more that we could or should have done.  

    Please do add any resources that you have used or would recommend.

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