Wednesday 5 March 2014

March Inspiration

I can't quite believe that we are two months through the year. February was a bit of a messy month for us, with family illness and getting used to carers coming in and out. Hopefully, March might be calmer.

Life is busy but I still have to read. I need time to read my Bible every day but also like to make time to read other books. Without a reading mother, the children loose a reading role model and I lose the chance to learn, improve our home and education and the opportunity to be a refreshed, vaguely sane mother. Crystal Paine has written a helpful post about how to fit more reading into the day.

Not everyone is able to home educate and many families have to make the big decision or whether to or not to home educate. Sarah, at Frugal Fun for Boys, has a post about just this decision. Do check out Sarah's blog as well, she has many helpful ideas.

Blogdom is full of blogs and posts about younger children and their education. Informative posts on home educating older children are particularly useful. This post, from Homegrown Learners, is about homeschooling big kids.

Concentration is an issue for children particularly in this age of multi-media so here is a thought provoking article on just this subject.

Last, Kirsty, from Young Hosannas, did a lovely unit study with her children about Wales. I'm married to a Welshman so we ought to do a similar study. It might be an excuse to visit Wales again.

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