Tuesday 22 July 2014

Six ways to learn tables

Times tables are something that, in my opinion, need to be learned. This is one of the things that the younger children will be working in the autumn. Each day, in addition to saying the table, we plan to do other activities to help with learning. Here are six. We will probably do one per day.

  1. Group sets of objects corresponding to the table. We have used shoes, money (2ps, 5ps and 10ps), stickers and the abacus for 5s and 10s. Hopefully, we will find more!
  2. Times Tables Snap: this has cards with four different ways for making a number e.g. 24, 2x12, 3x8 and twenty four, and can be played as matching pairs or snap. So far, we have used the matching pair game but need to work on speed so that the snap game can be played.
  3. Colouring or circling 1-100 squares with the appropriate multiple. This is a great way to see patterns. It is worth making one 1-100 square and then photocopying them to save time and effort! Different patterns can be superimposed in different colours. My daughter went on to add the 10x table to this grid.
  4. Times table sheets. Ubersmart Math Facts has free sheets to print off.
  5. On line practice. We are currently using Ubersmart Math Facts. Review coming soon!
  6. Fizz-buzz. This game needs no equipment. A number and its multiples is designated as fizz and another as buzz. For example, two can be fizz and three can be buzz. The child/children and an adult then count substituting two and its multiples with fizz and three and its multiples with buzz. So counting would proceed: one, fizz, buzz, fizz, five, fizz buzz, seven, fizz, buzz, fizz, eleven etc.
We haven't sung tables but I am interested to know how this might work and recommended tunes/recordings.
Please do add other suggestions-the more the merrier and the more interesting times tables will be this autumn!

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