Thursday 31 July 2014

July Inspiration

OK, July has almost ended and we are enjoying hot summer days with hardly any formal work. My younger two are doing a very little. Youngest Son asks to do his phonics programme, Essential Skills Advantage, which is a positive sign! Review coming soon. Mostly, we are just enjoying the summer.

I did copy this amazing demonstration of why it is important to wash hands properly with soap. My children didn't want oil and glitter on their hands so I demonstrated. This definitely works and all the glitter came off my hands. This pleased the doctor in me. No pictures from me though as my hands were too messy to touch the camera for most of the activity.

Frugal Fun for Boys has written about chores including a list of age appropriate chores. I need to implement!

Hwee at The Tiger Chronicle has been to the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern. Her son went on to research Matisse and produce a beautiful collage. I haven't watched the video yet but this is something that would be easy to reproduce with children. While I'm writing about collage, this is a link to one of my favourite pieces of art. I've only seen this collage once when it was on display at a gallery in Rye but it is so special that I'm excited about finding a photo of it, on line.

If you are in England, don't forget English Heritage's children's events. My children loved the archaeology day at Eltham Palace. The Palace itself can be a bit disappointing for children as the Tudor part is quite small and the main feature is the Art Deco part of the house. None of my children have appreciated Art Deco under the age of ten, and probably rather older. The Tudor Great Hall  where Henry VIII received his education, still stands and does have some Tudor dressing up clothes.

This article about wasting a homeschool year stuck a chord, with me. There was so much that rang true. For me, the message about evaluation was particularly relevant. I'm not particularly into doing tests with younger children but I do want them to see their progress, particularly with reading, so  hope to give them a simple reading test and video them reading at the start of the year. Any other thoughts on not wasting time?

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  1. Thank you for the mention, Sarah. :-)

    With regards to the perception of wasted time, I wonder whether that depends on the standards by which we measure ourselves against. I get the sense from the article you link to that, much stress about "wasting time" comes from the mother feeling that her goals aren't being met due to various circumstantial factors. Maybe the ability to adapt and adjust (for both goals and expectations) is the order of the day? :-)