Monday 4 August 2014


This day, one hundred years ago, the First World War started. A time for remembering; thankfulness for peace in this country in recent times and thinking of those who live in current places of conflict. 

I hope to spend time with the younger two, learning about the First World War over the coming months. Today, they listened to an audio book of War Horse, watched a programme about the First World War and listened to their Grandmother talk about her father. Great Grandfather had been in an army band in India when war broke out. The soldiers in India were recalled to England. He was in a band that played while the new recruits embarked and then, of course, had to go over to France himself. He spent the whole war in the trenches and was one of the Old Contemptibles who survived but at a cost-he was an invalid and not able to work for the rest of his life. 

We hope to read a couple of family diaries; look at old photographs and visit the Imperial War Museum galleries but hearing their Grandmother talk about events which affected her childhood brings this almost into living memory.

We will remember.

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  1. Grrr, just lost a comment!

    What a privilege your children have to hear these accounts - and from one who was *so* close to those who took part in the war.

    (I wish I was a fly on the wall)....