Tuesday, 26 August 2014

City Hall in the rain

City Hall is the building from which London is governed by the Mayor and Assemby and home to the Greater London Authority. We were able to visit, with a group of other home educators, on a very rainy day. In fact, it was so wet that it rained inside and outside City Hall which did, sadly, mean that we couldn't see the upper levels.

City Hall is close to Tower Bridge. Being true Londoners, we went on the bus. Thanks to Middle Son and Google, we arrived much earlier than I expected, in the pouring rain. Just an aside, but I have found that Google is much better for route planning than the Transport for London website.

City Hall from Tower Bridge.

We stumbled upon some Book Benches.
 Clarice Bean

Through the Looking Glass

How to train your Dragon

Dr Seuss

Maybe me, maybe the rain but the only one of these books for which I can find any enthusiasm is War Horse. Younger Daughter has just listened to War Horse, as an audio book, so this was a particularly happy find.

On to City Hall, I was delighted to find that Youngest Son was allowed into the trip. I had thought that he was too young which wouldn't have been a problem except for the deluge. My backstop plan, given the weather, was to go to HMS Belfast but we are saving that for another time!

Our guide to City Hall was obviously a London enthusiast and full of fascinating facts.

We were able to see the Assembly Chamber. The tables where the Mayor and Assembly members sit had been removed due to the rain (inside as well as out). 
Floor of the Chamber

Looking up from the Assembly Chamber. Sadly we weren't able to go up the walkway due to the rain. 

While we were in the Assembly Chamber, Tower Bridge opened.

City Hall is opposite the Gerkin which was also designed by Norman Foster. Compare the windows with those in City Hall.  The Gerkin is the torpedo shaped building on the left.

Downstairs, there is a large scale map of London.

Just in case anyone else would like to visit, City Hall is due to be open on Saturday 20th September as part of the London Open House Event.

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