Wednesday 20 August 2014

Book Benches in London

We are a family of book lovers so when a friend told me about the Books about Town benches we had to go to have a look for ourselves. The book benches are around London from 2nd July until 15th September. They are found in four different groups:
  • Bloomsbury
  • City
  • Riverside 
  • Greenwich
We decided to explore some of the Greenwich benches. Basically, each bench is designed around a particular book. The books are an eclectic selection. 

Greenwich is a great part of London with plenty of space and history. It wasn't uncomfortably crowded despite the school holidays.

We started with We are going on a bear hunt

The back of the bench:

This bench is in the flower garden at the back of Greenwich Park away from the River just by this little lake.

The next bench was easy to find and one of our favourites-maybe a silver medal if we were giving medals! This was Jungle Book. Yes, the children clambered over the benches.

The back of the bench:

Elmer the Elephant is just behind the children's playground.
 Can you spot Wilbur?

Now the next book, I haven't read but this was my and Younger Daughter's gold medal bench.
This is Captain Scott's autobiography.
Kneeling on the bench:

The back of the bench

This bench is appropriately outside the Maritime Museum just close to this brilliant piece of art.

Having learned about the Fire of London, this last year, we didn't want to miss the bench for Samuel Pepy's diary.

Then, past the Cutty Sark and onto the Old Naval Hospital grounds were we saw The Canterbury Tales.

and the bench of a well loved book: E Nesbit's The Railway Children.

We popped into the Visit Greenwich exhibition while at the Old Naval Hospital which is free and child friendly. 

Back to the Park, we found the bench for The Origin of the Species. We had a discussion about origins here.

Finally, back up to the top of the Park and the bench for HG Wells' book Time Machine. This is another book I haven't read but the bench was Youngest Son's favourite.

A recommended cheap, fun day out!

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  1. I love these book benches! We saw a few in the city and thought they looked lovely -- we're book lovers too. My son would love the see the one with H.G. Well's Time Machine. He said the book is the best sci-fi book he has read!

    1. Sounds as though I must download the Time Machine. My youngest loved that bench. I'm hoping that we will get to see some of the city benches too.

  2. Wow! The benches are stunning. I'm really missing out up here in the North West.

    Thank you for linking up. I would be delighted if you fancied joining the forum :)

    1. Thank you, Prudence. I've just joined the forum and look forward to reading posts.

  3. Love the benches !!! Think we are going to go and search for some

    1. Definitely worth doing-it was an enjoyable trip.

  4. That does look like fun.
    I'm very impressed by the photos!

  5. These are amazing! Thank you for sharing them x

  6. They are lovely :) What a fab idea.

    1. Yes, and it has made us want to explore some more books too!