Thursday 16 October 2014

October Inspiration

Our September was sunny and warm: a real Indian summer but with October, autumn has arrived and the sunset time of the year.

In the midst of what is undoubtedly a busy season, I was challenged by this article from Jess Connell, Are you a "Mommy Martyr"?  Thank you to Kondwani of Home Education Novice for pointing out this blog.

It is easy to feel that learning always has to be fun. Often it is and should be but somethings just have to be learned. Learning about the discipline of work is one of those things. This article at Lextin Academy points out why homeschooling doesn't have to be fun all the time.

Claire, at Angelicscalliwags has been outlining her plans for the school year. The posts are well worth reading for ideas. Having a busy five year old, I was particularly interested in her plans for her five year old.

Sometime ago I reviewed Simonetta Carr's book on Lady Jane Grey from the Christian Biographies for Young Readers series. Ossett Christian Bookshop currently  has a special offer on this series and is selling the books at £9.99 while stocks last.

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  1. I cringe whenever I hear parents say they want a "fun" math curriculum or they want to make learning "fun" in general. Learning is hard work and the results are its own reward.

    1. Yes, too much emphasis on fun can detract from learning the satisfaction of work well done.

  2. Thanks for the mention! I've been on holiday so wasn't able to pop by and leave a message.
    I totally agree about school not always being fun. Whilst I always enjoy it more if it is fun and therefore less complaints (I'm not a fan of complaining!) I also think that learning the discipline of doing hard work even when you don't want to and doing it well is something every child should learn. Being a hard worker is useful what ever one's plans are for the future!

    1. A pleasure, Claire. Glad you had a great holiday. Yes, I couldn't agree more about being a hard worker.